Biography of
  MarieMadeleine MacLean

Countess MarieMadeleine Maxence De Mees-MacLean

MarieMadeleine MacLean is the daughter of an Air Force General and  she is descendant of the

"De Mees" family,ennobled in Rotterdam in 1630, who held some of the oldest private banks in Europe.

Ms. Maclean's great uncle was Monsieur Pierre Roussel of the French Academy.

She was born in Africa and grew up in Switzerland where she graduated with degrees in History and Art.

In addition to English, she speaks French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese...

At the age of 17, Ms. Maclean began a career in "High Fashion" modeling in Paris.

At 25, in London, she married Mr. Michael MacLean, the son of the famed international novelist Alistair MacLean, author of the world famous “The Guns of Navarone”, among  many others.

At age 26, Ms. MacLean opened an interior design firm in Geneva, Switzerland. Her works have been featured numerous times in international interior design magazines.

Ms. Maclean recently sold her business to devote herself exclusively to writing. After finishing her first novel,  "Race.The Colour of Shame” in the Fall of 2012, she is currently working on her second novel,

“Act of Intention” which will be the first part of an exciting  international trilogy.

MarieMadeleine MacLean lives in Beverly Hills, California