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"Ms. MacLean's debut novel illuminates the difficulty of racial identity and the chaos it can create.The narrative deftly investigates racism beyond simple black and white figures. This astutely delicate dramatization of race relations dotted with ghosts,sex scenes and rambling in New Orleans and abroad can be thrilling .The story provides a worthwhile glimpse at how startling the answers to questions of heredity can be." Kirkus review

"With a fluid and truly elegant style, and the controversial subjects of race as well as reincarnation,the talented Marie-­Madeleine MacLean has brilliantly created a sinfully entertaining novel with the full force of intelligence behind a frightening drama. This is indeed a brilliant debut novel and certainly an instant classic..."
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"Race" is a thrilling,thought ­provoking and highly imaginative novel which succeeds at feeling original due to its heady mixture of reincarnation,ghosts,family secrets,violence and sensuality, in the disparate worlds of London and New Orleans.Even more impressive is that all these elements unite into a coherent whole,anchored by deep themes and a set of colorful,compelling characters.Combining Christian angels with Voodoo Gods,makes for an interesting and truly original supernatural cocktail which helps recast familiar Christian iconography in a fresh way, that makes readers look and think about the world in a different way."
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"This exceptional debut novel brilliantly defines the unique style, exceptional descriptions and the superb punctuation of its undeniably stylish French author. Crisp, thought ­provoking, as well as richly detailed with a undeniable designer's eye,the seemingly aloof Marie-­Madeleine MacLean has certainly achieved a brilliant and absolutely seductive debut novel; certainly as brilliant as its stylish and beautiful author." Jacques Bruyas. Author

"Race is a truly surprising,inspiring and engrossing story by which the reader will see his horizon of thoughts certainly enlarged,and will realized that his heart is capable of beating for all human beings; irrespective of skin's color and race.Simply luminous.
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"The truly gifted Marie-­Madeleine MacLean is indeed a sheer literary revelation with this fascinating, original and sometimes deeply frightening debut novel, which has been written with great clarity,sincere conviction and an undeniable French charm. 'Race.The colour of shame' is not only a exceptionally brilliant debut novel;but also a truly meaningful thriller. A 'literarity' which can truly be called inspired..." Diana Rose Hartmann. Author.


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