To all my Viewers, Readers and Friends,

First let me introduce you to "RACE. THE COLOUR OF SHAME": my recently published debut Novel, a "Supernatural" thriller about deeply rooted racism and reincarnation which will be adapted to the big screen; and now available worldwide on "Amazon" and "Barnes & Noble".

Secondly, let me introduce you to my global world of "Timeless Design".

As you certainly know by now after reading my biography, being a former model, as well as interior designer, and now more recently a "Novelist" (something which evidently allows my curious mind to expand into a brand new field of creation...) I can simply define myself at a cross roads of my life as a "Creative Artist".

An artist with obviously more than one artistic skill. So for the public at large and my new found "readers" to be able to fully understand all my artistic choices, or to define myself with only one of these roles, would be limiting myself to only "one field" of creation; and my creative mind doesn't work that way.

If I did so, I certainly would be extremely frustrated by this kind of self-imposed "creative limitation". In fact, I do get more energized when I am able to fully realize each of my artistic visions.

As far as I can recall, since an early age I had always translated my artistic visions into "action" because without knowing it, I was also what people generally call an "autodidact" as well as an entrepreneur.

After publishing my next two Novels, which are part of an international trilogy: first the romantic thriller "The New Starine" and "Act of Intention" which is already completed; then which is now in the last editing stage, I also intend to launch other lines of products from my fields of creation. Something that's a new exciting challenge to me, and which truly helps me escape the quite demanding characters of my Novels.

A step back into the "real world", instead of just spending all my days isolated into an ivory tower listening to the voices and perturbations of my fictional characters...

I never followed (by choice or convictions...) any particular "trends", simply because I know that trends never last; and with my own taste and opinions, it is quite evident to think outside the box and always be into more than one field of creation. This is the reason why that in parallel to my demanding writing, I am also creating my first line of fashion, called "New French Classics".

My somehow "obsessive" attention to detail as seen in decors, or in my debut novel, will certainly be put into good use in this new exciting venture.

It's been often said that “God” (or the Devil...) is always in the "details"; and so am I, my Friends...

So attention to details is truly paramount in all of my creations.

As I reflect upon my life, I also now realized in this present incarnation the depth of my wonderful mother "Yvonne-Marguerite". She was the daughter of another great lady, "Maria-Concepcion".

These two exceptional Ladies made me, without the shadow of a doubt, who I am today. They were strong, loving, generous and truly beautiful, "inside and out".

They had always been my role models because of their naturally gracious, attentive, and generous ways. They expressed themselves in all occasions with a natural kindness and verbal elegance that comes with a loving heart; and without a doubt a great mind...

So when I create a "woman of substance" for one of my Novels (and there is always at least one in each of them...), my wonderful mother and my grandmother always come to mind first.

These great Ladies always embraced my inner visions and allowed me to bloom as an Artist. They will always be part of my being, and I count their blessing every day of my life....

I feel that they are now lovingly watching over me from this immaterial place that we, reincarnated souls call "paradise".

They still give me the strength needed to dare try and reach (and most times achieving) my visions.

Their luminous souls are now “pure undiluted love”; a love which is fully part of my life's energy.

I always try my best to translate this essential primordial emotion in all my creations, such as the unexpected apparition of Angela's guardian Angel at the end of "Race. The Colour of Shame"; an loving apparition that seems to have touched so many of my readers ...

So my friends, what I have just explained can hopefully give you a clearer idea about who I am not only as an Artist, but as a person as well. I sincerely wish to all of you to be able to pursue your own projects, dreams or "visions"; and also that you will be able to do your best in your own endeavors.

By experience I can say by now that life can be a "good thing" if we truly believe in ourselves, and when we don't waste time in wrong projects or wrong relationships. It is, I think, important to live each day in alignment with our own principles; but above all in alignment with our heart and soul.

If we'd decide to pray to a higher spirit as much as we worry, we'd certainly have a lot less to worry about; and much more energy to pursue our most cherished dreams...

I truly believe now that almost "anything" is possible in life, provided there is good will, trust in ourselves and passion in what we do; and of course "love".

Nobody should stay where we are merely "tolerated", but instead we should always try our best to find a place and a station where we are truly appreciated; and even "celebrated"…

So if you want to live a happy in life, simply tie your life to a goal and not to general opinions, dogmas, people or things.

I simply choose to express to my public my inner thoughts today because I am becoming a Novelist: someone who creates with "words" and lines of thoughts; something radically different than all the things I have done before. But as I explained before, I have never been afraid of my own thoughts, nor by my opinions, or aspirations. I learned that knowledge is knowing what to say, and that "wisdom" is knowing when to say it.

So if I decided to write "Race. The Colour of Shame" at this point of my life, after being known mostly for my polished image and my elegant decors, it was certainly not an "accident"; simply because I was born in AFRICA, a large tormented continent. So this particular story has been in gestation in my mind for the last two decades.

The sensitive subject of deeply rooted racism, but also "reincarnation" are certainly not the ones that most Novelist choose to pursue, but to me it's simply now a question of moral choice.

This is also the reason why when most people today introduce themselves to the public in a "generic way" by not revealing who they really are, they are certainly afraid of public judgment. I have decided to introduce myself on my own site in a more "intimate way".

By doing so, I also try to respond to the questions of my new readers who most of the time ask me who I am - not as an artist- but "as a person"; something that I hope they will understand in the decades to come with my involvement in the cause against animal abuse; and also against modern day slavery.

As I have already said, I always do or say what I truly believe, and when sometimes I make mistakes, I do prefer to say "I can't believe I did that"; instead of: "oh, I wish I did This...".

The one thing that I know by now is that our life is mostly a reflection of all our personal choices, and of the decisions we make when we stand at the crossroads while wondering if we should go in this direction, instead of the "other one"; or if we should simply stay (and sometimes stagnate...) where we already are...

Mountains are made to climb, and I know by experience that most people I meet are indeed more afraid of depth than height; but again, this is only my humble opinion...

In my particular case, I always choose to expand my life into new horizons; therefore I don't choose to limit myself into only one field of creation.

Maybe it's not a choice; maybe I act upon impulsion.

In conclusion, my friends, and based only upon my own experiences, I can simply wish you to always try your best in pursuit of what you really want in your life; but above all, pursue your own "unique path"…

Let me also say that what is commonly known as “life", is in fact an awakening expression of our deepest secrets, dreams and desires; so go after yours, now!

While wishing you all the best, I also simply ask you to think about all this, my friends…

Truly yours,



MarieMadeleine MacLean

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